Cobalt Parsons Human Capital Candidate Charter

We believe our candidates deserve a better experience in their recruiting journey. We ensure you have the information about workplace culture and in-depth knowledge of the current market to the values of a potential employer.

In this charter, we commit into writing the values and approach that Cobalt Parsons Human Capital has always prided itself upon when it comes to candidate experience.

The Candidate Charter

The Cobalt Parsons Human Capital candidate process is based on the following tenets; 

1  | A customised process

2 | Discretion and confidentiality

3 | Always be supportive

4 | Maintain a focus on the candidate’s personal career goals

5 | Support a thorough onboarding process

A Customised Process

Cobalt Parsons Human Capital candidates are at the top of their profession. They have earned the right to be selective and questioning about their next career step. Equally, we know that your time is valuable; we don’t want to waste it.

They expect their recruitment journey to be tailored to their needs, therefore Cobalt Parsons Human Capital ensure they have researched the candidate’s career path, aspirations and personal requirements before proposing positions to them that offer the next step in that journey.

The current business environment has become increasingly demanding on a personal level. We understand that a recruiting process must recognise those pressures and a negative experience can often dissuade a candidate from progressing further. When a candidate halts the recruitment process, it’s often because they have had an experience that does not match their expectations. Whether it is inconsistencies in how the position has been described or an unnecessarily convoluted interview process, ill informed communication is most likely at fault. Cobalt Parsons Human Capital believe in maintaining integrity in every candidate and client interaction, and having a transparent two-way communication flow.

Discretion and confidentiality

Integrity is our central value, and core to that is ensuring we operate with discretion and confidentiality. We will only ever share your details after your agreement and only with one client process. We are fully compliant with all international data privacy regulations, and our IT systems are regularly reviewed to maintain security, privacy and compliance.

Always Be Supportive

We support our candidates throughout the senior recruitment process, from the ‘getting to know you’ phase to contract negotiation and onboarding. We ensure that our candidates are fully prepared with insights on the company market position, company culture awareness, and full transparency on any assessment process.

Candidates can rely on being fully equipped with information before they meet with a potential employer. 

Maintain a focus on the candidate’s personal career goals

All too often in senior recruitment processes the conversation revolves around the needs of the business, rather than those of the candidate. However, at Cobalt Parsons Human Capital, a candidate’s career ambitions are equally important to the businesses targets and objectives.

We are focussed on ensuring that the roles we present to candidates are those which will enhance their career, and therefore, in turn, our reputation.

Thorough Onboarding Process

Senior professionals require an onboarding process that enables early traction whilst improving their personal productivity, so they get off to the best possible start. We work closely with our clients to ensure every aspect of a candidate’s personal circumstance is addressed within the corporate onboarding process. We stay engaged during the onboarding period and act as an intermediary should any aspect fail to be addressed.

If ever you feel we have not lived up to the letter or spirit of this charter, please tell us. We want to know. Email

In short, one of Cobalt Parsons Human Capital’s key values is Integrity. This governs everything we do and is central to our brand. We expect this is clearly demonstrated in our commitment to our candidates.