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The global technology sector has grown to command unseen levels of influence in every aspect of life. This growth is driven by relentless innovation and strategic acumen. With ever higher investor and consumer expectations and a tightening regulatory regime, today’s tech leaders require a delicate balance of ingenuity, agility, resilience and vision. 

We work with some of the world’s best known technology firms and also high growth start-up and scale-up businesses. As our founder spent many years at Dell Technologies in international Human Resources roles, and also worked at the fastest growing public technology services firm in history, our professional networks are both renowned and cherished. We add value to our clients by finding transformational talent and addressing their talent issues from succession planning, capability building to workforce planning.

High Technology & Semiconductors

The capital-intensive development cycles that have traditionally defined this industry are being disrupted by the greater adoption of AI, machine learning and ‘edge computing’. Global supply chain issues and significant consolidation are forcing ever greater agility in this sector which is obviously placing a strain on established talent strategies. 

We create talent solutions that help our high-tech clients attract and develop team members who understand the impact of market and technology disruptions on their business models. 

Software & Platforms

The constant culture of evolution and transition mean Software and Platform companies need customer focussed, agile and diverse talent to understand new market opportunities. Software is the enabler of the digital transformation impacting so many industries, and companies in this sector need a constant flow of exceptional talent to maintain their growth. We work with our clients to build robust talent strategies and secure a pipeline of transformational talent.

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology

Although blockchain dominates our headlines, the technology is still in its infancy. As investment and deployment increases, companies require the right talent to determine pragmatic applications and to harness the potential of an environment changing technology. We create pipelines of talent that are not only technologically adept in the field but have the business acumen to transform your business.


Cybersecurity impacts every aspect of a business, both in terms of enterprise security and customer protection and trust. We work closely with our clients looking to leverage information as a strategic advantage. We understand the wide array of roles and operating models that contribute to this segment, and we leverage our cross functional and industry expertise to build talent strategies and pipelines that ensure our clients’ success.

Data, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

As our clients increasingly use advanced analytics to rethink their businesses and fuel growth, there is increased pressure to find transformative talent to lead the way. Talent demands evolve quickly in this space. We focus on exceptional talent from multiple industries and align with our clients to create strong talent benches. We can deploy our proprietary assessment tools to ensure you have a clear view on talent to make an impact on your business

Robotics & Internet of Things

Cobalt Parsons Human Capital helps companies find, recruit, and develop the talent necessary to lead an IoT-focused digital transformation or launch new robotics and IoT-enabled businesses. We help our clients identify talent who have built a key understanding of the convergence of hardware, software, and data.

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