Innovative talent strategies for new challenges

Fintech is changing the financial landscape with a blend of innovation and agility that we at Cobalt Parsons Human Capital hope to replicate in our own service levels and market proposition. We have supported challenger firms with their talent strategies as they navigate this exciting and ambiguous global environment.

Amongst our clients we have both start-ups and new ventures founded by established entities, whose innovative technologies and business models can help include underserved market segments, and offer financial services in faster, more effective and user-friendly approaches. The talent strategy needs of Fintech firms differ from established firms in that they require a workforce which can replicate and enhance their innovative and agile cultures. We can address those talent needs and assist clients to navigate their constantly changing market and regulatory environment. 

Our close relationship with the software, services and broader technology community enables us to identify professionals who can drive business growth and deliver differentiating solutions to the market.

We support clients in the following sectors:

  • Challenger banks
  • Big data analytics firms
  • Identity, KYC, online verification providers
  • Blockchain-based businesses
  • Online lending platforms, crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending companies
  • Forex and other financial instruments traders
  • Marketplaces
  • Modern Merchant Acquirers and other payment services providers

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