Talent Acquisition Capability Consulting

See the ROI of your Talent Acquisition function explode

As our Partners have spent years building and running global Talent Acquisition teams at major multinationals and tech start-ups, we have a comprehensive understanding of how Talent Acquisition functions can be optimised. 

Our TA Capability Consulting practice conducts diagnostic reviews of how your Talent Acquisition is currently performing and recommends steps you can take to reach ‘best in class’ models. This applies to businesses of any size and maturity, and any recruiting delivery model, whether it be with an existing TA team, HR generalists or the hiring managers directly working with external parties. 

Our diagnostic approach involves reviewing all data regarding current spend, and actual performance. Where information is incomplete regarding metrics applied to cycle times, pipeline and interview conversion rates, candidate sources and retention success, we know how to source this data from existing enterprise information. 

Our analysis will show where the recruiting function is succeeding, and where investment can be made. Furthermore, we then look to the ‘voice of the customer’ by reviewing needs and expectations with hiring managers. We also build an understanding of the effectiveness of the process and employment brand by surveying former candidates.

Engagement Outcomes

We can then give you a detailed project plan of how to move towards a ‘best in class’ Talent Acquisition model. Clients who undergo this process find that they encounter the following outcomes;

  • Significantly reduce cost per hire
  • Significantly improved time to hire
  • Streamlined and more cost-efficient recruiting technology
  • Improved hiring manager and candidate satisfaction scores
  • Reduced work-hours spent on recruiting by both HR and Hiring Managers, due to efficient process, technology, and applicant to hire ratios.
We will conduct a full review of your Talent Acquisition deployed technology and demonstrate its efficacy compared to other market offerings. We recommend how to deploy the latest advances in data and analytics to better predict what will happen with your pipeline in the near to mid-term future, estimate how long it will take to fill specific roles, and communicate this information internally. AI and data analytics help recruiters take a more strategic approach to their roles.

We then benchmark our findings against industry scales such as the Bersin Talent Acquisition Maturity Model, to give you an objective view of your current state and the opportunities to improve. 

Our Partners are delighted to discuss how our Talent Acquisition Capability Consulting practice can assist with the enhancement of your recruiting function.
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