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Energy sector businesses face a complex environment today, with massive changes to consumer behaviour, a less stable geopolitical landscape, environmental policy challenges and an invigorated investor expectation climate. The global energy supply and demand is undergoing a generational upheaval. These factors are driving market consolidation in all energy sectors.

The energy and resources employment landscape is therefore also riven with transformation, with digitalization and automation, cybersecurity and data analytics transforming the workforce needs. New energy jobs are being created at an exponential rate, whilst the industry suffers from demographic challenges such as aging in some sectors.

Electrification is impacting not only demand structures, but also having a massive impact on energy and resources companies own operations. As Cobalt Parsons Human Capital has a renowned Electrification talent track record, we have partnered with several global partners to address their talent challenges arising from the electrification transition.

Companies in industries facing such challenging upheaval require a workforce and leadership that can lead through disruption and ambiguity. Our global Energy and Natural Resources practice assist our clients in;

  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewables
  • Mining
  • Power & Utility

We identify and attract the required external talent, drive employee engagement, and prepare for digital transformation. We create bespoke talent solutions covering workforce planning, leadership development and assessment, organizational design, rewards strategy, and succession planning.

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