Creating a Talent network to support your business

The telecommunications industry is experiencing a period of profound disruption, led by the 5G rollout. 5G changes the way we live and work, how governments operate and entire business models. The hope is that 5G technology will also bridge the digital divide, building new networks, promoting industrialization, improving infrastructure and fostering innovation.

Social pressures and market opportunities are also driving Telcos to focus on digital inclusion initiatives to ensure that everyone, regardless of location or income, has access to broadband. The impact of greater online penetration means that organizations must also rethink their customer experience, integrating digital, retail and call center approaches.

Commoditization and convergence continue to impact the industry. Wireless, satellite and cable companies and device and equipment makers are competing to make critical acquisitions and navigate the new telco, tech and media converged environment. 

The need for new talent strategies and fresh leadership thinking has never been greater. We assist our clients with solutions that will allow them to prepare their workforce for the challenges ahead and attract agile and innovative team members that will enable their success.

As our founder was the Global Recruitment Director of Alcatel-Lucent, the telecoms equipment and services giant, prior to the Nokia merger, our professional networks are both renowned and cherished.

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