Our Diversity Commitment

We at Cobalt Parsons Human Capital passionately believe that diverse and inclusive teams not only drive better business outcomes, but also build environments where all employees contribute to their full potential.

We value the diversity of our own associates and partners, as we celebrate our own identity, physical ability, orientation, ethnicity, or career experience. Both experience and research has taught us that companies are most successful when diverse opinions are valued, and everyone has a sense of belonging.

Recruitment: We assist our clients with thinking around adding diversity to their culture, removing bias, mapping diverse talent and candidate slates, and creating customised onboarding programs.
Development: Our proprietary TalentPrism™ model helps identify diverse talent with leadership competencies and traits. We utilise this information in our succession planning and leadership development services.

We strive to ensure diversity is appreciated in every engagement we undertake with our clients. The deep and long-term relationships that we build with our clients coupled with our passion for DEI initiatives, allows us to challenge bias where we might find it. In turn we continuously learn from our clients, as we work together to shape and transform cultures. 

To assist us on this journey we have built extensive partnerships with organisations that help us foster diversity thinking and expand our networks for the benefit of our clients. 

Our Strategic Partners:

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