Executive RPO

Efficiently address your multiple senior hiring needs

We have developed a practice with outstanding customer service, to address the needs of multiple executive hires with a competitive cost model.

Companies which experience growth scenarios such as regional or business unit build-outs or developing companies going through start-up and scale-up phases, may have the need for a significant number of executive hires in a short time frame. The traditional approach of executive search on a per position basis may not answer this need in the time frames required.

Our Executive RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) model embeds an experienced executive search professional with your HR team, fully aligned with your internal processes, to project manage the number of hires required. The solution can be on or offsite, or a hybrid of both. The embedded search team member is fully supported by the Cobalt Parsons Human Capital’s global research team, with the same search and networking competencies we deliver as part of our other executive search projects. 

This extremely scalable model allows our clients to attract exceptional candidates whilst reducing their time to hire, and with a favourable cost model. 


Model Advantages

The service can be utilised for several scenarios including;

  • A large number of senior hires required in a short time frame
  • Internal benchmarking in conjunction with our assessment services
  • Market mapping and talent intelligence
  • Ensuring your Succession Planning is supported by building a talent pipeline of qualified, interested and available clients
  • Ensuring your Strategic Workforce Planning is supported by addressing identified future gaps

Model Advantages

Headcount and flexibility
Corporate and Search Experience
Planning and Integrity
Communication and Cultural Understanding
Optimal Cost
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