Succession Planning

Future proof your leadership stability

The stability of companies’ leadership teams is essential to their wellbeing and growth, but firms remain vulnerable to serious disruption when a key team member leaves.

We help our clients by ensuring they have the required talent bench in place by creating robust talent pipelines from both the internal and external market, mitigating this risk of disruption.

Unfortunately, succession planning is not a one-time event, but a continuous process. We offer a wide range of services to support our clients through leadership transitions. We create emergency and long-term succession plans so that you can maintain stability when needed. 

We analyse your current organisation, identify succession risks, illustrate what alternative talent looks like and prepare you for change. Our talent mapping and pipelining solutions supports succession and business continuity.

We deploy assessments such as our Executive simulation to analyse candidates in realistic situations with an executive challenge. This allows clients to understand who from a talent pipeline can be a realistic succession choice, but also informs candidates what are the success keys for the company.

We assist you with your internal succession plans by creating success profiles for all your critical roles, and demonstrating who is performing well against those criteria today. In addition, we will highlight those team members who demonstrate potential for future leadership. These steps will create a roadmap where you can develop your bench utilising coaching, training, mentoring and education to get your future leadership ready for the road ahead. 

Our Partners are delighted to discuss how our Succession Planning services can drive resilience in your business.

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