Engineering a new talent strategy

The digital transformation is redefining industries and blurring the once clear distinction of the B2C and B2B segments. Industrial firms are caught in a vortex of customer experience expectations and an on-demand environment.

Consequently, industrial companies need a new wave of professionals who possess an intimate insight to customer experience, can extract and deploy data to direct company strategy, and drive cultures of innovation even in entities with long-established histories. Cobalt Parsons Human Capital has a track record of helping a range of industrial clients manage these changes through executive search, assessment, succession and workforce planning. Our founder has held global leadership roles at industrial companies such as SPX Flow, Visteon Corp and previously worked in a transformation related role with Ingersoll Rand. Our network in the field is cherished, and we are recognised for our commitment to key industrial sectors.

Engineered Products & Solutions

Industry 4.0, disruptive markets, increasing international competition and issues with intellectual property theft. The challenges that face companies which engineer, manufacture, integrate and service advanced components, equipment and machinery for industrial applications are immense. Having a commitment to continuous innovation and maintaining flawless business execution is now a given rather than a competitive edge. Only those companies which understand how digitization will impact established business models will flourish. This requires leaders and professionals who can motivate and manage transformation through high-performing teams and targeted talent management.

Industrial Technology & Services

The industrial space is being revolutionised by the various impacts of digitalisation, from the Internet of Things, to machine learning and 3D Printing. This is disrupting business models and creating opportunities to innovate offerings and seize previously unattainable market share. Many companies have struggled to harness these opportunities as they are unprepared for the transformation to the workforce and talent strategy required. We help Industrial clients to prepare their talent strategy for this road ahead, and find the professionals required to allow them to compete in an Industry 4.0 environment. 

We assist with your talent strategy and executive search needs by leveraging our expertise in a range of relevant fields, such as industrial technology, cybersecurity, data and analytics, digital marketing, UX customer experience, and merger integration. From here we can address talent strategy needs from strategic workforce planning and leadership development to finding key team members with experience in disciplines including;

  • Business model innovation (strategy, products, marketing, sales, operations)
  • Software and connectivity
  • Internet of Things
  • Data and Analytics
  • Ideation
  • User interface design

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